About Us

Nikhil Shevade is a practising Chartered Accountant. He loves music, travelling, food fanatic, movie buff and also loves his profession. Shantala Shevade is a housewife-cum-office assistant. She likes Rahul Dravid and SRK. Her favourite movie is DDLJ. She loves cooking and travelling.  Both of them stay in Kolhapur currently,  but basically from Belgaum.

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6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Wow! You guys have been blogging all the while!! Did not notice it until today!

    Way to go……Look forward for more interesting articles / news / trips..

    Add me to your mailing list : )



    1. Hey Danny Boy! We just recently started this blog. In fact we started on 26th January 2010. You can subscribe to RSS feeds or email subscription on this site to get all the updates. And yes!! Good to see ol’ danny on our blog!

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