Fish Rava Fry

Fish Rava fry as name suggests marinated fish coated with Rava or Samolina. The masala I am  sharing today goes with all kinds of fish available in Indian market as well as Prawns.

Ingredients for the Masala :
Any fish of your choice washed and cleaned properly.
With the following quantity you can coat about 1 kg of any fish or little more.
1 cup of Tamarind juice
2 Pods of Garlic Cloves Cleaned.
4  to 5 Teaspoon Red Chilli Powder or 10 to 12  Dry Red Chiilies
1/2 Teaspoon Turmeric Powder
2 to 3 Teaspoon Salt or According to taste.
Method :
Crush  the Garlics to coarse paste in a Mortar. In a bowl take the Tamarind juice, to this add the Garlic paste,Red chilli powder, Turmeric powder and Salt. Mix it well. It becomes a nice red paste. Marinate the fish with this paste. Keep for atleast one hour.


Ingredients for Fryjng :
Samolina or Rava (As required. Depends on the quantity of fish )
1-2 Tablespoon of Rice flour
Oil to fry

While frying heat a frying pan with little oil spread on it. Once the pan is hot turn the flame to low. In a plate or bowl take the Rava and add Rice Flour  and mix it well. (  Remember it is a dry powder ) Now coat the fish from both the sides in this mix and fry on low flame adding little oil on the fish from both sides till they become crisp.

Note : 1. After marinating the fish You can fry the Fish without coating the Rava. This too  tastes good.
2. Instead of Samolina you can use Rice Rava or Idli Rava. That too makes the Fish Crispy.
3. If you are using Red chillis then soak the red chillies in hot water for sometime and then you need to grind them in mixer grinder to fine paste before adding it to the Tamarind juice.
4. Alternatively you can take a big lemon sized Tamarind, soaked chillies, Garlic cloves, Turmeric and Salt and directly grind all of them together to fine paste in a mixer grinder.

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