The Coffee Shop in Iran

Today when I heard the song Tum Hi Ho from Aashiqui 2, it took me back to an incident happened a couple of years back.

How does it feel if someone a total stranger in a different country plays a song which is a chart buster in your country.

Place Ramsar, November 2018 Iran !!

We were been to cable car ride at Ramsar, Northern province of Iran to a viewpoint of  Ramsar city flanked by the largest lake in the world, Caspian Sea. It was evening and on getting off the cable car, we went to the Coffee shop located on the 1st floor. There were no other guests. I went to order a coffee at the counter and the attendant didn’t understand English and I don’t understand Farsi. But, as usual I was successfull placing my order through some sign language !!

By the time I returned to my seat, this attendant played the song Tum hi ho… Till today I have no idea how this guy knew I was an Indian. I looked at him smilingly and he too gave a broad smile in return.

Till the time we were there they played the hindi songs.

After finishing we came down to the lobby area roamed around and took some pictures from the magnificient viewpoint and hopped on the cable car to return back. By the time we were about to climb the car, there was an pager announcement in Farsi (probably from the Coffee Shop since he must have seen us departing without visiting the highlight of the place) of which I could only understand the word “coffee shop”, to which the cable car attendant who knew English politely told us to climb down the car and gently gestured us to the another flight of stairs and told us to go to 2nd floor, where he said “You will get a better view point than the 1st floor”.

Wondering what was happening, we climbed the stairs and what we saw there was an amazingly beautiful view of Ramsar city flanked by largest lake in the world, The Caspian Sea on one side in front of us and the mighty Alborz mountains at our backs.

That time we understood what we were about to miss if there wouldn’t have been an announcement from the coffee shop guy.

This incident always reminds me there is no boundary like language. All you need is a simple smile and open heart to embrace the place and people.

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