Puri Bhaji

Puri Bhaji is a famous and delicious breakfast item in South India. Though the dough for Puri is same the accompaniment i e. Bhaji differs. Today I am sharing one simple Potato Bhaji I learnt from Amma (My Maternal Grandmother) With very simple ingredients this bhaji tastes delicious.

Puri Bhaji
Sunday Breakfast

Ingredients for Bhaji: 3 to 4 Medium sized Potatoes boiled 1 tablespoon Oil 1 teaspoon Mustard Seeds 1/2 teaspoon Heeng/Asafoetida 1/2 teaspoon Turmeric powder 1 Teaspoon Urad Daal 6 to 8 Curry leaves 1 Dry Red Chilli cut into 3 pieces 2 to 3 Green chillies slit and cut into half Salt to taste A tablespoon full of fresh Coriander leaves.

Method: In a bowl peel and mash the potatoes. Leave a few chunks of potatoes here and there. Add almost 2 to 3 cups of water to these mashed potatoes to make a thin curry. (Consistency should be like a regular daal curry) Add Turmeric powder mix well and keep it aside.

Now in a kadai/deep pan heat Oil. To this add Mustard seeds, Heeng, Dry Red Chilli, Curry leaves, Urad Daal and Green Chillies. Once all these things start to flutter add the above mixture of potatoes. Add salt stir well and let it oil on medium low flame. Stir occasionally. The Bhaji will be thickened a bit in this process, which is fine.Once it is nicely boiled add Corianeer leaves and switch of the stove.

The Bhaji is ready to be served with either Puri, Chapati, Roti or Rice.

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