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Boiled Peanuts

With the arrival of monsoon the season for Raw Peanuts also starts. These peanuts are not full in size I.e. not fully matured. In marathi these are called as Ole Bhui Moogachya Sheng. Once cooked properly these are tasty and delicacy in itself.These can be boiled or fried. Both style give very different taste altogether. When in season in India these can be found on the streets, both boiled and fried versions and they do it on coal. So taste is simply wow. Today I am sharing the method of boiling and frying.

Raw Peanuts
Boiled Peanuts

The method is simple. Wash the pea nuts properly. They tend to have lot of mud covered. So soak them in water for few minutes and then wash them clean.

In a pressure cooker add the clean peanuts, water just enough (half the quantity of peanuts in the pressure cooker) Salt to taste and cook for 3 whistles. The boiled peanuts are ready.

Other way is fry them in a kadai. After cleaning add the peanuts to kadai/ deep pan and dry roast until the raw smell of the peanuts is gone. These too taste good. But, take a lot more time to get fried.

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