Were Hindu Gods none other than Ancient Aliens?

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There are about 200 billion stars in our milky way galaxy and there are about 100 billion galaxies.  Hence if we think we are alone in the Universe, it is an awful waste of space!!!  Human race is arrogant of its own existence and take it for granted that we are at the pinnacle of any type of evolution.

Hence there is every possibility of advanced life in our universe who can be many years technologically superior to us.  Imagine we going to our early man era with our hi tech weapons, food, flying craft, and other gizmos, we will be treated as “Gods” by our ancestors because of the things we can do.  In my opinion, God is The One who is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, creator of our Universe and The One who does not need vehicles to travel from point A to point B and The One who does not need weapons for destroying mankind.  

Ancient Alien proponents suggest that ETs (Extra Terrestrial) not only visited Earth but have stayed on Earth and helped shape the future of Earth.  Ever imagined, why we look up at the sky when we talk or think about God?

 The classic Indian epics such as the Mahabharata, the Ramayana and the Puranas refer to many exotic tribes, describing them as superhuman or subhuman. Narrations about these tribes are often mixed with mythology and fiction. These tribes include Gandharvas, Yakshas, Kinnaras, Kimpurushas, Rakshasas, Nagas, Suparnas, Vanaras, Vidyadharas, Valikilyas, Pisachas,                                                                                                        Devas (within them Vasus, Rudras, Maruts, Adityas) and Asuras (within them Danavas, Daityas and Kalakeyas.)

Their exotic capabilities included

  1. the ability to appear and disappear at will
  2. the ability to fly in air, with or without the use of an airborne vehicle
  3. the knowledge of aircraft (vimana)
  4. the ability to change shape at will
  5. the ability to read people’s minds
  6. the knowledge of other inhabited planets like the Earth
  7. the ability to influence natural forces

(Source – Wikipedia)

According to Dr.V. Raghavan, retired head of the Sanskrit department of India’s prestigious University of Madras, centuries-old documents in Sanskrit (the classical language of India and Hinduism) prove that aliens from outer space visited India.  There is a just a mass of fascinating information about flying machines, even fantastic science fiction weapons, that can be found in translations of the Vedas (scriptures), Indian epics, and other ancient Sanskrit text. “In the Mahabharata (writings), there is notion of divine lighting and ray weapons, even a kind of hypnotic weapon.

  • Flying Vehicles (Vimana):

In the Ramayana (writings), there is a description of Vimanas, or flying machines, which navigated at great heights with the aid of quicksilver and a great propulsive wind. “These were space vehicles similar to the so-called flying saucers reported throughout the world today.  Sanskrit texts are filled with references to Gods who fought battles in the sky using Vihmanas equipped with weapons as deadly as any we can deploy in these more enlightened times. 

For example, there is a passage in the Ramayana which reads:

The Puspaka Vimana that resembles the Sun and belongs to my brother was brought by the powerful Ravan; that aerial and excellent car going everywhere at will…. that car resembling a bright cloud in the sky.”.. and the King [Rama] got in, and the excellent car at the command of the Raghira, rose up into the higher atmosphere.”

“Propulsion was based on a combination of electrical, chemical, and solar energy”. Clearly, these descriptions relate to a craft of alien origin.  “The Vimana was metallic, had lights and was capable of fantastic speed”.  Sixteen different types of heat-absorbing alloys that went into construction of the Vimana were also described.  “These texts describe how Indra, the god of war, flew about in a Vimana – best translated as an aerial car”. 

How did ancient people know how to fly at light speeds when flying was a reality to earthlings only in recent times (forget about traveling at light speed)?  Could be our ancestors saw these flying vehicles and interpreted them as humongous birds carrying Gods, because to them anything that flies has to be a bird?  In the Ramayan and Mahabharat Serials, we saw the vimanahs as flying horse driven Chariots / large birds.   The descriptions of Vimanas given in Sanskrit texts are strikingly similar to the modern UFO sightings reported all over the world.  In the Sanskrit texts, an exact depiction of the Vimanah is reproduced here.


  • Hi -Tech Weapons:

There are various descriptions of weapons created by Hindu deities such as Agneyastra, Brahmastra, Chakra, Garudastra, Kaumodaki, Narayanastra, Pashupatastra, Shiva Dhanush, Sudarshana Chakra, Trishul, Vaishnavastra, Varunastra, and Vayavastra; the weapons of god (trishul, chakram, brahmastra) are the most powerful. These mythological weapons are at times compared to similar Greek mythological weapons such as the arrows of Apollo as well as our modern nuclear weapons. (Source – Wikipedia)

One such dreaded weapon is the Brahmastra.  It is akin to our present nuclear weapon.  According to our Sanskrit texts, “This weapon also causes severe environmental damage. The land where the weapon is used becomes barren for eons and all life in and around that area ceases to exist. Women and men become infertile. There is severe decrease in rainfall and the land develops cracks like in a drought.”  How could our ancestors have knowledge of nuclear and other such weapons, when the nuclear weapon is known to man only in recent times?  High radiation caused due to nuclear activity is still recorded in Mohenjodara and Harappa ruins.

Could be our ancestors saw the use of these weapons by “Gods” and misinterpreted these hi tech missiles to be bows and arrows spewing fire, wind, etc, because that’s all they knew about weapons?

  • Mutation:

The DNA of living things is an astounding thing to know about.  We know only 5% of Human DNA.  Could be the Extra Terrestrials had studied our DNA and knew how to mutate it?  Hence in our ancient texts, we see extra-ordinary beings half human, half animal, or having the head of any animal or having more than one head and two arms etc.  It is also believed by Ancient Astronaut proponents that ETs conducted Frankenstein-like experiments on Human DNA to create extraordinary beings.  Many such experiments were also carried out in other parts of the world like Egypt, Mesopotamia, Maya, Inca, Aztec civilisations.

  • Eternal Life:

We know from our Sanskrit texts that Hindu Gods have eternal life.  Some of The Gods came back to Earth as reincarnations.  Well here could be the reason, scientifically!!

Applying the Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein, if u travel at speed equal to speed of light then time you lived will be lesser than others. (It means if you travel for 1 day on that kind of speed, when you reach back you find others become older than you).  Speed of light is approximately 300,000 kms / second.  So it could be that, our God, who could be an ET, travelled to his planet outside our Solar system, say orbiting the star Sirius, for a one year holiday, and came back to Earth, the Earthlings will be older by say, 500 years!!!

Well, there is no dearth in making deductive reasoning on the subject.  Its never ending and you might think, “What about this? And what about that?”.

It’s no surprise that information like this will rock the cradle for the mass fragile minds that can’t think outside the box if their life depended on it.  

Did ancient aliens really help to shape our history?

Remember. Our technology is relatively primitive. Earth is only 4 billion years old. There are planets out there billions of years older.  Just imagine the kind of technology that these planet inhabitants may be having.  THINK, DRAWING CORRELATIONS. DEDUCTIVE REASONING IS NOT A BAD PRACTICE! 

Recommended watch is History Channels ‘Ancient Aliens – The Series’ documentary.

46 thoughts on “Were Hindu Gods none other than Ancient Aliens?

  1. Hopefully this will be a big spit in the face to all those fundamentalists christians and muslims who cannot think beyond the box. Hinduism is for the intellectuals while Christianity and Islam are for the baboons and other sub-species!

    1. I’m a Christian and I accept the Ancient Alien Theory. Also, even a Hindu would disagree with you’re completely kindergarten-level comment because, according to their philosophy, all religions are true.

      P.S. You obviously have little-to-no experience in other/foreign religions. You judge the religion by the practitioner, instead of the practice itself.

  2. Well I do think is pretty mysterious. Even the fact that somehow the Rukma Vimana is similar to the descriptions of the Sumerian Annunaki aircrafts. And besides that, a lot of other things, even trimurti and other gods. Great read! 🙂

      1. Nikhil!!!… lets think that Hindu God’s are Ancient Aliens…then why again here existed 2 kinds of Aliens like – One who supports and saves Humanity- Named in many like Dharma, Justice, Love, etc., and the other as a destructive force like Encroachment, Cruelty, Egoism, revenge either phisically, mentally or psychologically, …., and a negative energy called Bhoota gana, Pisacha, Asura’s….many more….!!! what all its trying to convey us….

        1. Hi Hari! Thanks for the reply. Thats a very valid question!! It could be that there must be sections within the ‘alien society’ and politics rules here too!! It could also be that each kind of ET (extra terrestrial) must be from different planet in the cosmos having some intentions or greed. The supposedly Good ETs must have done good deeds for human and as the saying goes “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. The other section of aliens supposedly Bad ET might be too late to do good deeds and must have tried to undo the good deeds done by Good ETs to embarrass them, but failed in many cases.

  3. Nikhil!!!… lets think that Hindu God’s are Ancient Aliens…then why again here existed 2 kinds of Aliens like – One who supports and saves Humanity- Named in many like Dharma, Justice, Love, etc., and the other as a destructive force like Encroachment, Cruelity like Ravana’s Nature…., Asura’s, A negative energy called Bhoota gana, Pisacha….many more….!!! what all its trying to convey us….

    1. As far as Ravana is concerned, he could be an ET as well because of the things he could do. He was supposedly of a very good nature and ruled Lanka very well and Lanka had flourished under his rule, but the writer of Ramayana could have portrayed him as evil because he kidnapped Sita. In fact all of Lanka is portrayed as land of demons and evil because of that single act of Ravana. Its how the writer wants you to see rather than how actually it used to be. Its all Politics, you know!!!

      1. Thanks for the reply Mr. Nikhil… But my doubt was not cleared, when you say that Hindu God’s are ancient Aliens, then why do they support Humanity by giving Knowledge in the form of Vedas, Purana’s, etc.., and on the other hand a Negative energy (otherwise called as Kali- the EGO, SUFFERING, SORROW, SAD, GUILTINESS, and all). why do the fight always exists between these two. Are God’s are Right OR Human’s are wrong with so much of Negative. There are many Baba’s, so called as God’s. What are they according to you. If God is an Alien then why he helps us. On the whole what he expects from us…..

        1. Mr. Hari, first of all, i would like to make myself clear that I am not saying Hindu God’s are ancient Aliens but rather could be aliens. Ancient alien proponents suggest that Earth is an experiment grounds for aliens. It could be like playing a video game for them. Thats why till date abductions for conducting experiments are carried out. Millions of years ago, when dinosaurs ruled Earth, it could be that the aliens wanted to wipe out those unintelligent race by directing a huge meteor to crash on earth and destroy so that a more intelligent species will develop. In fact, it is scientifically proved that the development of human race over the past few thousands of years from Stone age to modern age humans is astounding and not taking the usual path of evolution because of the very short period of tremendous development. Our DNA could be altered by Aliens. Hence it is very true that ‘God’ created Man. Hence they may also have inflicted negative and positive energies described by you to find out how their supposed creations deal with these energies. If this is the truth, then “Truth is stranger than fiction”. You might ask, “where are these aliens now?”. It could be that they must be playing a wait and watch game before they finally reappear. But UFO sightings are still reported around the world. As far as Baba’s who are regarded as Gods, their ability to perform miracles alone suffice. Alien intervention cannot be ruled out here too!! In fact, great people like Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci and our very own genius Srinivas Ramanujan (check wikipedia for his bio) talk about dreams in which ‘gods’ appeared and taught them their inventions and discoveries. I may sound delusional but hope it answers your queries.

        2. Mr.Hari, as for I see our Gods are ALIENS & Our Grand Parents, we came from there DNA, ok lets keep that aside, do you people belive in GOD, if so why GOD dint create al humans with Good heart, like all equal only good no wars no raping no bad things only good things, why he dint create only good people?? If you belive in GOD ask this question to yourself you will get the Answer..
          Any way let me give what my mind saying, when a woman is pregnant can she judge her child Good or Evil?? The same way GODS created many things which went GOOD and BAD (we are the examples)

          Well GOD created us, WHO created GOD?? Did that Thing Created All Good GODS no He created Bad Gods like Asuras, even our gods god cant create only good..

          According to me if there is no bad than the good cant be identified, History says the rest..

          Thank you

  4. Check out the book I, Rama Age of Seers ( , pretty much astrology / time portals / evolution in the story form. Good read.

  5. Still U r Out of Topic Nikhil …May be you dont have an answer for Hari’s question lol ..I read all your conversation but seems you didnt understand his question or you might have not his question’s answer at all.

  6. I do agree that this must be true but not everybody was an ET.I mean…not Ravana…He was an exceptionally intelligent Brahmana King and was a disciple of Lord Shiva.He wrote Yajurveda and was multi talented.Even his rival,Rama couldn’t deny this fact.Only thing was that Rama won by using tact and not muscle power and principles.But your article is an eye-opener and thanks to people like you who are creating awareness among people otherwise soooo many ignorant ones act in an irritating manner.Great article.

  7. Well i am in support of the writer and believed it strongly but had no proof to support it. but i was thinking of one- i am sure u might have heard about the gods and the rakshas coming together to get the ‘amrita’. well when the two groups have never come together?I believe this could be a reason for coming to earth then and not now. see even when the gods were great in the eyes of human, why did they always fought with the rakhsha? also if they taught us good lessons of not cheating then why they themselves cheat the rakshas while getting the amrita?

  8. Found a very interesting book on very similar theme about Indian mythology within amazon kindle ebooks – named “The Guardians of Karma”.

  9. I also believe so… many times it appeared to me by the descriptions that “gods” were actually not gods but aliens… my points are:

    1) I don’t believe in magic… its all science
    2) but as in many culture around the world we see almost the same descriptions, such as “god of war, fire, rain, destruction, creation…” and in fact the descriptions of all those gods resembles in many ways… but there were obviously almost no communication in those days then why these descriptions match !!! A probable explanation is that in ancient days aliens visited earth and stayed… in fact who knows may be we carry those genes too !

    The only question is why don’t they come now ? This questions really challenge me !!! I thought of one probable answer and that is,

    for the sake of argument, let us consider there were many planets far away from us possibly on the opposite side of our galaxy or even may be belonging to some other galaxy… and consider that they have the faster than light technology to reach earth, but the probability of getting in earth is very less as there are too many stars and its planets… so I think only one planet some how by chance made contact with earth and they landed many many years ago in the pre-historic times, they stayed… but may be that particular world now does not exist, many reasons can be there…

    swallowed by a blackhole
    knocked out by asteroid
    or whatever…

    as they were technologically so advanced, they could still save their worlds… but may be some other very unknown cause exists for which they were destroyed by some cataclysmic event….

    and as that was the only planet from where they came so they won’t come again… and the possibility of communicated by other planets is again rare because of the huge number and distances…

  10. I’ve been believing in this for years..and while on the internet i came across this’s really great to know that i’m not the only one that believes that this is what had happened ! AMAZING ARTICLE!

  11. @Nikhil, one more thing recently came to my mind about the fact why “gods” are not visiting us for so long, suppose those aliens have long enough life span of the order of 1000 earth years… then its possible that their perception of time will be drastically different from ours, in that case a few thousand years will be like a few years of their lives effectively, so may be so soon they are not gonna visit us again… may be after sometime they will come to observe us…

    its just another speculation !!!

  12. Hello Nikhil,

    I appreciate your work great work keep it up, mr.nikhil I like to answer in behalf of you,

    Mr.Hari & Mr.Shah, as for I see our Gods are ALIENS & Our Grand Parents, we came from there DNA, ok lets keep that aside, do you people belive in GOD, if so why GOD dint create al humans with Good heart, like all equal only good no wars no raping no bad things only good things, why he dint create only good people?? If you belive in GOD ask this question to yourself you will get the Answer..
    Any way let me give what my mind saying, when a woman is pregnant can she judge her child Good or Evil?? The same way GODS created many things which went GOOD and BAD (we are the examples)

    Well GOD created us, WHO created GOD?? Did that Thing Created All Good GODS no He created Bad Gods like Asuras, even our gods god cant create only good..

    According to me if there is no bad than the good cant be identified, History says the rest..

    Thank you

  13. I have come to know that radiation signatures are found in Mohenjo Daro, and the skeleton positioning suggests they could have suffered a nuclear attack.

  14. I believe that, the ET’s so called GOD stopped coming to earth because, the fuel( may be Mercury or kind of it) they used for their spacecraft’s to travel around space should have been completely utilized (or vanished) buy them from earth. this would have restricted them from going back to their adobe if at all they come to Earth. They may fear coming to our planet, because they couldn’t able to go back to their abode due to unavailability of much needed fuel to operate their spacecrafts.

  15. Gods depicted in Mahabharata may very well be the aliens. In Mokshadharma Parva of Mahabharata, there is a vivid description of arrival of an alien who is also referred to as Brahma. The detailed description is given by the four sons of Prajapati during their visit to Shweta Dvipa (Europe?) where people were white, tall, well built and with deep vioce. The visitors described seeing a brilliant craft alighted the Earth in which ‘Brahma’ paid visit. When asked the people of Shweta Dvipa explained that sons of Prajapati are not allowed to meet Brahma as they have not yet attained the wisdom for it. They were also advised by the residents of Shweta Dvipa to return to their country and come after they are old/wise enough to see the ‘Brahma’.
    These ‘shlokas’ effectively describe the arrival of someone from the space who was revered as Brahma by those people. The description of the people of Shweta Dvipa points towards the Aryan race/Caucasian people and also the brilliant light of the space craft.
    Description of this adventure was given by sons of Prajapati (Ekat, Dvet, Tret and Chitra Shikhandis) to the Brihaspati (priest of King Prajapati).
    People generally don’t read Mahabharata in detail enough, there are other details of alient in the great Epic.

  16. God! who has written this article!!

    how can you even say that our gods are/were aliens..?? I totally disagree with you till some point.

    you may know that one of our god (perhaps adi parabrahmana) created the world..if it’s so they cannot be consirdered aliens. if suppose you make a new world, will you be an alien? no na? then same is with them..!!

    please stop this rubbish nonsense!!

    1. Why are you penicking ? Electric shock ? You know this particular attitude of “don’t doubt elder’s words..don’t question the beliefs” are the cause India is failing to produce nobel laureates ! Stop weeping… and worship a bunch of ancient books without trying to understand it.

  17. As a child saw Mahabharata, the Ramayana and immediately realised that these were space crafts, hover crafts and missiles and wanted to know more.

  18. It is a waste of life & your precious titime to find the existence of God. Even if these theories are true & evidence is discovered, that we are descended or were an experiment of an alien race,
    It wil still be impossible to find out whether who or what created the very existence of the reality,
    We so firmly believe on…..!!

  19. If ancient alien theory is held true, it is going to crush the hindu gods & goddesses belief system. Brahmins will become spiritual beggars. What they have been selling for thousands of years will now have no buyers. I am amused at the thought that brahmins are actually worshiping Lucifer, unknowingly.

  20. I completely agree with the concept of ur travelling with light speed, In Hindu mythology there is an instance of time travel, balram elder brother of krishna marries a woman who along with her father went to satyaloka to visit Brahma and comes to earth ,but on their return to earth several generations were passed and the humans are very short when compared to the duo of father and daughter ,so balram places a plough on her head to make her short and marries her

  21. It is true that we are worshipping aliens whom we revere as GODS-with good reasons.
    There are totally 58 identified Aliens types visiting earth with their own attitudes and characteristics.
    The ones with presence in western countries, USA, Russia, etc are technically very advanced and are scouring the earth are for resources – non-living as well as living.
    The ones in the Indian sub-continent, treated as worshipful GODS are the most advanced ancient race with very powerful and sophisticated weapons and with intentions to enhance and improve the quality of life and impart their wisdom into earth inhabitants. With almost eternal longevity and with the improvement of their physical structure which never can become diseased, they are the most powerful and completely balanced, mature and harmonious with life, among all earth visitors. Old Indian mythological texts extol their simplicity of thought, purposeful and deliberate actions, fair treatment of all and restricting their actions to respond only when needed or called for. Service cannot be better defined.
    Good and Bad are high school dictionary terms-especially invented to dominate your actions and elicit desired responses from you. So-called revealed religions use this weapon most effectively. That is why each religion becomes a social determinant to make all persons respond EXACTLY as expected-with every one becoming predictable. There is no need to carry this luggage “good or bad” in you mind or consciousness or classify your thought and actions as good or bad. BUT, However, an action can be IMCOMPLETE or COMPLETE. None of those Gods wanted your fight with other humans so as to promote worship any particular God.
    Life is all around, and that is God; you respect Life by considering everything as important as yourself. As much as ourselves, all Aliens are also representatives of Life, and must be dealt as worshipful, or slay them for our survival, or strike a friendly relation-depending on their intentions.

  22. Hello! This is my first comment herre so I just wanted to give a quick shout out
    and telll you I really enjoy reading through your articles.

    Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same topics?
    Appreciate it!

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