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My New Nokia E63 White

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I have purchased Nokia E63 smart phone. I had a limited budget of Rs. 10 k and this phone fit perfectly in my wallet. There was another phone Nokia E72 costing Rs. 19 k which I compared before going for the kill. There were only a few differences that mattered according to me like:

  • E72 is built of quality materials like stainless steel whereas E63 is built of plastic. (Does that make much difference especially if you are likely to change your mobile every 4-6 years?)
  • E72 has built in 5 MP camera whereas E63 has 2 MP. (This doesn’t matter as I don’t care about camera phone)
  • E72 is lot thinner than E63. (Ok, so what)
  • E72 has a GPS receiver whereas E63 does not.  (Does not matter as I have a dedicated GPS Navigator by MapMyIndia)

That’s about it that I was concerned about, without going through the technical details. The price difference was huge so I chose ol’ E63.
The E63 came bundled with a Bluetooth Hands free (though I don’t use it). The following are the basic specifications:

  • QWERTY keypad
  • Weight : 126 g
  • Screen size: 2.36’
  • Supports GPRS, EDGE, 3G and WLAN / Wi-fi and USB
  • Practically unlimited contact and phone book entries and fields
  • Has a 3.5 mm audio jack

Available colours are Ultramarine Blue, Ruby Red, Black. But I got my hands on a pearly white E63 which is newly released. It gives a charming, professional look to it. Nice one there!

Earlier, I was using Nokia N70 (Music Edition). The phone was slowing down, the GPRS speeds were bad, internet experience was null on that phone. But, it’s understandable, as N70 was The phone once upon a time and with advancement in technology, it had to be.

My Experience with E63:

  • The GPRS and EDGE speeds of E63 is outstanding. I have a wireless router in my home, so I get good Wi-fi speeds on the phone.  Having trouble with WiFi configuration on your E63 and especially “No Gateway Reply” error?  Check out this Guide and it won’t fail!
  • The interface is intuitive and I am at home with QWERTY.
  • It has the good battery backup. It gives talk time of 11 hours and standby time of 432 hours.
  • It has amazing memory. It has internal memory of 120MB and supports expandable memory of 8 GB. It is enough for your apps, games, movies, music etc.
  • Image quality of E63 is quite decent though there is a lot of noise in the images.
  • I have configured Pull email, and it is working satisfactorily. Took some time to figure how to configure Push email from Rediffmailpro, and finally succeeded!  Works like a charm!  It is very simple indeed!  Just enter your email id and password and your push mail is ready as Nokia mail services have tied up with many email service providers.  There is no need to enter ‘pop’ or ‘smtp’ server references at all!
  • Its operating system is Symbian 60 so no worry for apps.
  • There is a huge number of audio formats supported including MP3, AAC, eAAC+ and WMA.
  • Has a provider dependant VOIP support.
  • Application downloads are available at Nokia OVI store. A few recommended downloads are:
      1. Skype:  With all the benefits of Skype on your phone you can save money and stay in touch when you’re on the move. Remember Skype to Skype calls are free anywhere in the world. And if you have a  WLAN, it’s free to use Skype in a WiFi zone. Wow!  So that!
      2. ngPay: Online mobile commerce and shopping where you can buy movie tickets, bus, train and air tickets, subscribe to magazines, buy gifts, instant mobile recharge, utility bill pay and many more
      3. iMobile: If you are an ICICI account holder, this is a must for viewing balances, transactions, funds transfer, bill pay, ordering cheque book and cheque status, service requests, shopping and much more.
      4. The Flashlight: Use the screen as a flashlight with 7 different colors.
      5. Free Dictionary: Nice and handy dictionary
      6. Best Blacklist Lite: Blacklist calls
      7. Record call

and many others.

It is the cheapest handset from Nokia stable having Wi-Fi and 3G. It gives value for money with all the latest features incorporated.

Well, now for a few cons after using the phone for 6 months (Recent Update):

  • Sometimes the phone freezes just like a Windows PC, especially after using Internet applications like chat and stuff.  I have to restart the phone.  But thats the case with all the phones, right?
  • The GPRS / 3G connections sometimes don’t work.  For this again, I have to restart the phone.  Well, also depends on the connection / reception quality.
  • Nokia Chat application gave up on me.  Hence installed Fring , which is working ok right now.
  • The Email client was working pretty good.  But suddenly, the Push email stopped working on its own.  Hence now I have to manually Sync with my email server.  Well, now figured it out!  From the email application menu, selected “Go Online” and now working as required.  Don’t remember when I selected “Go Offline” mode, but then why should I?
  • The battery back up was great earlier (See above).  Now the talk time is about 4 to 5 hours and standby time is about 48 hours.
  • Now the Mother of all Cons!  The signal / reception sometimes just goes out even when you are in the heart of the reception.  Then you have to restart your phone.  I never had this nagging problem with my earlier phones.  I have seen this inherent problem with other E63 phones as well.
  • When you are roaming and having “Always on” packet data connection with chat, email applications running, the battery goes down within 4 hours of stand-by time which is very sick!  Imagining if I used 3G connection, my phone battery would have lasted not more than an hour at this rate!!!!

Asked the service personnel to fix this and he could not.  He says its only an electronic device and these things are bound to happen!  Yeah right, thanks for reminding!!!

P.S.:  Why can’t any mobile phone and its applications work consistently once it is working as expected?

Overall my rating for E63 is:  7/10 (Very Good)

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  1. sir if any budy has nokia E 63 for sale i want it for 4 k, my num +919972318141i am frm india bangalore chamraj pet if any one near to me???????????

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