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Earthlings – Must…Must…Must watch documentary!!

I love eating non-vegetarian food.  I also use leather articles and enjoy going to circuses as well.  Who doesn’t?!  However after I saw this documentary called “Earthlings” by director Shaun Monson, and narrated by Academy award nominee Joaquin Phoenix.  I will never be the same.  This documentary contains images which are certainly not for the weak hearted.  It shows the holocaust inflicted on animals for food (meat), clothing (fur, leather), petting (pets), entertainment (circus, fighting, racing etc) and scientific research (medical, space, endurance testing etc).  This documentary shows that we are all earthlings.  Humans, animals alike have the right to live on this earth and each has its own space.  However, humans, being the most intelligent living thing, dominate the way other earthlings live. The sight of the slaughterhouses is very very disturbing.  The kind of pains inflicted on animals is unwatchable.  And all that is legal!!  When there is a homicide of humans, there is wide media coverage. Legally, foeticide, inflicting bodily harm to humans and the like is punishable.  But what about animals?  Don’t they feel pain? Just because they are dumb and innocent, doesn’t mean that they experience no pain!!  But thats another story!  There is genocide of animals taking place all over the world! Millions and millions of animals are slaughtered all over the world to meet humankind’s needs.  The sights of the concentration camps in Europe for mass killing of the Jews, gypsies by the Nazis, the mass killing of humans in Rwanda, Bangladesh brings nightmares to us, even today.  But the poor animals are still suffering from the same behind closed doors and opaque walls.  Its not only the slaughter, but also mental torture caused to animals. After watching this documentary, i felt ashamed to be called a human.  You will be ashamed of your humanity.  The documentary goes to say, “If we were to kill for meat, we would all be vegetarians”.  I have been having nightmares after watching this documentary.  I remember a scene where a beautiful furry Chinese wolf is skinned for its fur, when its still alive!  The sight of the still alive wolf after it is skinned is horrible!

Its true that Earthlings does not offer solutions to all of the problems it seeks to expose. Nor could it hope to do so. The viewer is challenged to seek their own answers and carry the voice of the voiceless to the lawmakers.  Buy or rent this DVD and watch it without shutting your eyes.

Visit the site of documentary:

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