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“Zenda” Marathi Movie – Timepass??!!

After the unwarranted political censorship, Zenda was released on 22nd January 2010.  I made it a point to watch the movie on the first day.  So there I was, alone, coz Shantala doesn’t like political and serious movies (not that I like them very much).  The Movie was based on the splitting of ShivSena into MNS and the aftermath that follows viz: the dilemma faced by supporters to stay in ShivSena or join newly formed MNS.  The intention of writing this post is not a review, but an incident that i faced in the movie theatre.

In the interval, i met a rogue like looking person aged around 30-35 years.  He asked me my opinion on the movie half-way.  I just replied “Timepass”.  He was shocked and perturbed and hated my reply.  He was accompanied by three other accomplices, equally rogue like looking.  He asked me, “Why did you find this movie “Timepass”?, did you ever go to Mumbai and see the plight of Marathi Manus.  Mumbai is being taken over by non-Maharashtrians.”  I did not say anything.   He also told me that he will reimburse the ticket fare if i saw the movie from the point of view of Marathi people.  He then said “You are not Marathi”.  I said “I am Marathi but from Karnataka” to which he further got agitated.  He told me that he will report me to Mr. Raj Thackeray directly.   Man! You should have been there!!  It was as if I am a terrorist stalking the theatre to blow it to smithereens.  I think he and his mates were drunk, but can’t say.  He called other unconcerned onlookers and started to insult me in front of the crowd.  When the movie resumed, he was talking over his mobile and telling his friends to come to the theatre.  But i continued to watch the movie.  Just 10 minutes before the movie finished, i got up from my seat, came out of the theatre without watching the ending and drove back home.  I thought after the movie, i will be beaten up.  Such was the situation!!

The movie is just plain simple.  It doesn’t take anybody’s side nor does it try to justify Marathi Manus’ side.  It just goes to show that the whole issue of Marathi is simply political and nothing is present in the movie which should arouse hatred in the minds of the people for non-Maharashtrians.  So much ado about calling the movie “Timepass”.

Jai Hind!!

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3 thoughts on ““Zenda” Marathi Movie – Timepass??!!

  1. hya saglyana jail madhe dambala pahije, ani MMN mhanlya pramane hunter chalavle pahijet
    ek tar faltu picture, navshikya direction, english gananchya copy banavnara avdhoot gupte
    ani hyana vatata ki hya movie pasun apan inspiration ghyava. mumbai laa jaun bagh mhanaryane swata kadhi mumbai baghitili nasel.
    vada paav vikun marathi mansala vachavnyachi hyanchi durdarshita

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